Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrity. Performance. Responsibility. DMC’s committed to ‘Doing the Right Thing’

CSR is the acknowledgement by companies that they should be accountable not only for their performance, but for the impact of their activities on society and the environment. Whilst CSR is still evolving in many varied forms, the fundamental ethical principles of CSR have long been part of our business philosophy.

A wide range of guidelines exist at national, EU and global levels, however, it is important to distinguish between these base-line standards and CSR activity which is voluntary, business-driven and often goes well beyond what is required by legislation – it is this enhanced level of activity which is central to the CSR commitment of all our DMCs.

The DMCs we represent fully embrace CSR at every level of their business and have developed (and continue to develop) policies and approaches to ensure that they fully recognise their role in society and behave as responsible corporate citizens in everything they do. As such, they strive to ensure that they comply with all the relevant legal requirements and follow best practice in all the services they deliver.

Health and safety is a fundamental element within any CSR policy and our DMCs allocate all the necessary time and resource required in constantly reviewing and managing all associated issues. Central to this, is a comprehensive working knowledge of risk assessment and crisis management.

Every DMC maintains a team of staff with a core understanding of the key issues surrounding CSR. Suppliers are carefully selected to ensure they not only deliver excellent products and service but also embrace responsible business practices which are complimentary to our own standards of operation. Furthermore, they are also encouraged to support our projects and help sustain our efforts.

Our DMCs aim to improve the environment and build positive connections between our clients and local communities using social programs. Our corporate events help to bridge cultures, integrate and motivate people, enhance corporate performance and develop local communities and their cultural heritage and, in so doing, we make a valuable contribution to creating a more prosperous, united and peaceful world.


Our DMC projects have helped local communities around the world to develop skills and facilities in areas such as agriculture, science, medicine, education and sport.

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