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CS Events has a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years in the DMC sector. Our success has come from having a thorough knowledge of the destination, good relationships with suppliers and a fundamental understanding of the market conditions our clients are working within. We have been responsible for delivering events in Italy for the most motivational incentives, creative product launches and inspirational conferences within a wide diversity of industry sectors. Value for money is what CS Events strives to give all its clients, through our knowledge of how to work in Italy in order to find the best possible, cost-effective solutions.

We love talking about our wonderful country and we like sharing our secret gems with our clients; it makes our work much brighter and inspiring!

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Key Contacts
Claire Neri - Managing Director (Italy)

Italy - Destination Factfile


Flying Time from UK London
Rome - approx 2hrs 30mins
Venice - approx 2hrs 15mins
Milan - approx 2hrs 20mins
Florence - approx 2hrs 25mins

Main Airports
Rome - Leonardo da Vinci Airport
Venice - Marco Polo Airport
Milan - Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate Airports
Florence - Peretola Airport

Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport to Rome city centre – approx 35 minutes
Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice city centre – approx 30 minutes
Milan Linate Airport to Milan city centre – approx 20 minutes
Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan city centre – approx 45 minutes
Immigration Holders of a valid British passport do not need a visa to enter Italy; however, the passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months including the date when leaving Italy.

For further information please contact the Italian Consulate in the UK as follows:

Italian Consulate General
38 Eaton Place
London, SW1X 8AN

Tel: 020 7235 9371
Fax: 020 7823 1609

Italian Embassey (London) website

Customs Regulations From 1 July 1999, duty-free sales within the EU were partly abolished. Under the rules of the single market, goods bought in and exported within the EU incur no additional taxes, provided duty has been paid somewhere within the EU and the goods are for personal consumption.

amalfi.jpgOfficial Currency Euro €

Climate The moderating influence of the sea and the protection given by the Alpine barrier from the cold north winds join to bless Italy with a temperate climate. Nevertheless, the weather varies considerably according to how far one is from the sea or the mountains.
The winter is very cold in the Alps, cold and foggy in the Po Plain and the central Apennines; mild and even warm on the Ligurian coast, the Neapolitan coast and in Sicily.
The summer is hot and dry, but the temperature is mitigated on the coast by sea breezes and in the Apennines and Alps it is pleasantly cool. In mountain areas, winter is ideal for skiing, and summer for excursions. Seaside and lake resorts, with their excellent hotel facilities, have a busy tourist season in the summer, while the cities that are rich in art treasures are ideal in spring and autumn.

Local Time GMT +1 hour
Summer time in Italy comes into effect each year from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October.

Electriciy 220V AC 50Hz. For the most part, electrical sockets in Italy are their own standard, the "Type L" Italian CEI 23-16/VII. Also in use is the "Type C" European CEE 7/16 Europlug.

sicily.jpgOfficial Holidays
Offices and shops are closed in Italy on the following dates:
January 1 - New Year’s Day
January 6 - Epiphany
March/April - Easter (different each year)
March/April - Easter Monday (different each year)
April 25 - Liberation Day
May 1 - Labour Day
June 2 - Anniversary of the Republic
August 15 - Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin
November 1 - All Saints’ Day
December 8 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 25 - Christmas Day
December 26 - Boxing day (known in Italy as “Santo Stefano”)

Offices and shops are also closed in the following cities on local Feast days honoring their patron Saints:
April 25 - Saint Mark (Venice)
milan.jpgJune 24 - Saint John the Baptist (Florence, Genoa, Turin)
June 29 - Saints Peter and Paul (Rome)
July 15 - Saint Rosalia (Palermo)
September 19 - Saint Gennaro (Naples)
October 4 - Saint Petronio (Bologna)
October 30 - Saint Saturnio (Cagliari)
November 3 - Saint Giusto (Trieste)
December 6 - Saint Nicola (Bari)
December 7 - Saint Ambrose (Milan)

Dialling code from UK to Rome: 00 39 06 + local number
Dialling code from UK to Milan: oo 39 02 + local number

2015 Grand Prix.jpgThere is an excellent mobile network coverage all over Italy.

International enquiries: 176
Phone Directory Assistance: 1240

Emergency Services:
Emergency Police: 113 • Carabinieri: 112
Fire Department: 115 • Road Assistance: 116
Medical Emergencies: 118

Post Offices are generally open from 08.00 to 13.45 from Monday to Friday and Saturdays 08.00 -13.45. Some counters (e.g. registered mail, telegrams, etc.) have different hours. in the main cities they may also open in the afternoon. Information about postal services can be obtained by dialling 160.

Banks Banking hours in Italy are Monday to Friday from 8.35am to 13.35pm and from 15.00pm to 16.00pm. Banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays and also on the town’s patron Saint’s day. The afternoon opening hour may vary from city to city.

Taxes VAT is levied on goods and services. The rate differs according to the services – you will be charged either 10% tax (for hotel accommodation, food, transport) or 21% tax on other items.

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