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Colombia57 Tours, Travel & Logistics is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in the cities of Manizales and Medellin, Colombia. Its head office is located in Manizales, Caldas. Part of the Coffee Region and acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage “Coffee Culture Landscapes of Colombia” site. Its administrative and operational HQ is supported by the Commercial office in the dynamic city of Medellin, Antioquia and it has a presence and operates in all major hubs around Colombia including Cartagena and Bogota.

Why Colombia for your events? Being a complete universe of corporate possibilities, Colombia offers a wide range of destinations with optimal conditions for hosting all kinds of events.

You will find venues for large events and more modest meetings, all of them equipped with the best technology and an excellent service infrastructure. Choosing the most suitable setting for your congresses or events will be easy. You will be hard pressed to find a location on the planet with as much natural wealth and exuberant scenery and as many marked cultural contrasts and entertainment options as Colombia.

In addition to the incredible diversity and colour that makes them excellent tourist destinations, Colombia’s main cities, Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena, Medellín, and Santa Marta, as well as the entire Coffee Triangle region (Armenia, Manizales and Pereira), are all capable of accommodating large events.


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Key Contacts
Simon Locke, Marketing & Product Director
Brendan Rayment, Commercial Director
Russell Coleman, Operations Director

Colombia – Destination Factfile

Time in Bogota

Flying Time from UK 11 hours
Direct flights by Avianca (Star Alliance)
Daily flights London Heathrow - Bogota - London Heathrow

Internal Flights
Bogota to Cartagena – 1 hour 30 mins, over 15 local connections daily
Bogota to Medellin - 1 hour, over 20 local connections daily
Bogota to Pereira – 25 minutes, 12 local connections daily
Medellin to Cartagena - 5 Direct + 15 with connection via Bogota
Medellin to Santa Marta - 1 Direct + 19 with connection via Bogota
Medellin to Cali - 6 Direct + 13 with connection via Bogota
Medellin to Bucaramanga - 1 Direct + 19 with connection via Bogota

Main Airports
Bogota - El Dorado International Airport
Medellín - José María Córdova International Airport
Cali - Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport
Barranquilla - Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport
Cartagena - Rafael Núñez International Airport
Pereira - Matecaña International Airport

Bogota International Airport to downtown & historical area - approx 1 hour
Northern Bogota - approx 1 hour

Immigration All passengers travelling to Colombia must possess a passport valid for 6 months from the date of entry.

UK citizens do not require a visa to visit Colombia and can stay for a maximum of 90 days.

Furthermore, visitors for the following countries do not require a visa to enter the country for tourism related visits: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Finland, France, Greek, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

For more UK travel advice to Colombia visit
For further advice, contact the Colombian Embassy.

Embassy of Colombia
3 Hans Crescent

Tel: 020 7589 5037
Fax: 020 7581 1829
Embassy Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00

Colombian Embassy (London) website

Official Currency – COP Colombian Peso (symbol $)
Bringing large amounts of currency into or out of the country is restricted and should be declared on entering or leaving Colombia.

Coins - frequently used: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000
Banknotes - frequently used: $1000, $2000, $5000, $10000, $20000, $50000

Currency Exchange: The exchange of foreign currency should be made exclusively in hotels, banks and bureaux de change, never on the street. The exchange rate fluctuates daily and has the US dollar ($) as the official reference rate, which is also the currency most used in the market. Exchange is based on the official daily rate, after deducting commissions and services, which are 2%-3%.

Climate It is an equatorial country whose climatic variations are determined by trade winds, humidity and especially by altitude. Colombia's proximity to the equator means its temperature varies little throughout the year. The temperature does change with altitude, creating various climatic zones from hot lowlands to freezing Andean peaks, so you can experience completely different climates within a couple of hours of travel.

As a general rule, the temperature falls about 6°C with every 1000m increase in altitude. If the average temperature at sea level is 30°C, it will be around 24°C at 1000m, 18°C at 2000m and 12°C at 3000m.

The altitude also affects the difference between daytime and night time temperatures. The higher the altitude, the greater the difference. Consequently, in the highlands there can be warm days but freezing nights, while in the lowlands days and nights are almost equally hot.

There are only two seasons, and virtually throughout the country there are two rainy periods – from April to June and from August to November – and two dry periods. However, the country enjoys constant luminosity throughout the year, with an equal number of daylight and night time hours.

Local Time: GMT –5hrs (-6hrs in summer) depending on the season.

Culture Colombia is a tropical country of incredible diversity and charm. Its ever-changing geography, a history loaded with mystery and adventure, its people and cultures, has fascinated the world for centuries.

Although its excellent coffee and the purity of its emeralds have made the country famous, Colombia is also the homeland of the El Dorado legend and the magical universe of Garcia Marquez’s Macondo.

Colombian people have many reasons to be proud of their country - its contrasting natural regions, the profuse flora and fauna, the ethnic diversity of the people and the richness of its cultural and artistic patrimony.

The Cumbia is the traditional Colombian musical genre best known in the world. Its origins date back to Guinean dances. It emerged from musical and cultural syncretism between Indians, Africans and Europeans in the Magdalena delta region.

Colombia recognises itself in multiple symbols and icons that identify it to the world. They are present in everyday life, in celebrations, events and solemn occasions. Their meaning is the pride that people have to be Colombians, their belonging and origin.

Official Holidays
Colombia has 18 public holidays in a calendar year.

January 1 - Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)
January 6* - Día de los Reyes Magos (Epiphany)
March 19* - Día de San José (Saint Joseph's Day)
March/April - Jueves Santo (Maundy Thursday) and Viernes Santo (Good Friday) the Thursday and Friday before Easter Sunday, falls in March or April
May 1 - Primero de Mayo (Labour Day)
Ascensión (Ascension of Jesus) (observed the Monday 6 weeks and a day after Easter Sunday)
Corpus Christi (observed the Monday 9 weeks and a day after Easter Sunday)
Sagrado Corazón (Sacred Heart) (observed the Monday 10 weeks and a day after Easter Sunday)
June 29* - San Pedro y San Pablo (Saint Peter and Saint Paul)
July 20 - Declaration of Independence
August 7 - Battle of Boyacá
August 15* - La Asunción (Assumption of Mary)
October 12* - Día de la Raza (Columbus Day)
November 1* - All Saints’ Day
November 11* - Independence of Cartagena
December 8 - La Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception)
December 25 - Navidad (Christmas Day)

*NOTE: When the holiday does not fall on a Monday it is moved to the following Monday.

Electricity 110-120 Volts/60Hz (same as the US and Canada)
Socket Types: 2pin North American Non-Grounded and 3pin North American Grounded

Health Advice There are no obligatory vaccinations required to enter Colombia. The most frequent illnesses are mountain sickness, stomach problems and malaria in some forest areas. Before travelling to jungle regions, you must have the yellow fever and tetanus vaccines at least 15 days in advance.

Drinking water - Although major cities have excellent running water services, we recommend you avoid tap water, and drink bottled water.

Dialling code from the UK to Bogota: 00 57 1 + local number
Outbound International calls: Dial 00 + (9) or (7) + country code + area code + number
National calls: Dial 0 + (9) (5) or (7) + city code + number

Internet - The majority of the hotels in large cities provide an internet service. In the large and intermediate cities, there are also cyber cafes which provide internet facilities at a modest price.

Emergency Numbers (free countrywide phone numbers)
National Police: 112
Civil Defence: 144 or 640 0090 in Bogotá
Administrative Security Department DAS: 153
Colombian Red Cross: Log on to and check the office number of the corresponding department

Business & Card Transactions
Cash Points - available in the main cities of the country. The majority operate a 24hr service with English language facilities. Cash points are strategically located, particularly on thoroughfares and in shopping malls.

Debit cards – accepted in larger stores, shops, supermarkets and higher-class hotels and restaurants.

Credit cards – accepted in the majority of hotels, restaurants and commercial establishments. The most common are Visa and Master Card. Only some places accept American Express and Diners Club.

Duty-free merchandise - maximum value of merchandise is 1,500 US $. Goods only for personal and family use.

Business Hours - most commercial organisations in Colombia operate on a five-day week - Monday to Friday 09.00 to 18.00 hours.

Taxes Tax (IVA) is charged at 16% for tourism services, merchandise and goods.

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